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South Devon Psychotherapy & Counselling Services
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Totnes & Exeter
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Psychotherapy & counselling can be of help if you
are troubled in some way:

•  For example by anxiety, depression or stress.
•  You might suffer from social anxiety.
•  Are you troubled with a phobia or addiction?
•  Is day to day life difficult for some reason?
•  Are you struggling with bereavement?
•  Are there difficulties in your relationships?
•  Does life feel empty and meaningless?

Some people come into therapy, not because of
particular problems, but in order to understand
themselves more deeply.
Therapy can help you make sense of your difficulties,  
to enable you to make the changes                          
that would allow you to live a more meaningful and
fulfilling life.
We provide a fully confidential bespoke service, offering a range of possibile therapies to meet your unique needs.

• Individual therapy
• Group therapy
• Couple therapy.

Farhad Dalal, Angelika Golz & colleagues are senior practitioners who have been in practice for over twenty five years. They are both members of UKCP and the IGA.

We have three consulting rooms,
two in Totnes and one in Exeter
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