South Devon Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

South Devon Psychotherapy & Counselling Services
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Totnes & Exeter

Supervision for Psychotherapists and Counsellors

We offer supervision to psychotherapists and counsellors on a weekly, fortnghtly, or monthly basis.
We provide one-to-one supervision, as well as group supervision.

Who it's for
Althought the supervision we provide is psychodynamically informed, it is non doctrinal.
We have provided supervision to practitioners from a range of schools - Person Centred, Gestalt,
Transactional Analysis, Psychoanalytic, Integrative, and so on.
We work with those still in training, novices, as well as experienced therapists and counsellors.

Our Ethos
We think of supervision primarily as a reflective space rather than as`a policing activity.
We think that supervision ought to provide an opportunity::
• for the practitioner to inquire into and question their practice,
• to think about the dynamics of the person they are working with,
• to become more aware of transference and countertransference dynamics,
and so on.

About Us
We are qualified clinical supervisors (IGA). Over the years we have been involved in supervision on a
number of training programmes. We bring to the supervision process a depth of experience born of more
than twenty five years practice in the field.
Click here for information about our workshop: 'Supervision as Inquiry'