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A seminar/workshop for experienced psychotherapists and counsellors interested in exploring the premises of their evolving practice.

Supervision as Inquiry

Facilitated by Farhad Dalal
Limited to 6 participants
Cost: £100
The Purpose of the Workshop
It is not unusual for therapists to find themselves doing or
saying things that deviate from established norms of good
We tend to do one of two things with these ‘slips’. We either
keep these lapses to ourselves because we feel ashamed of
having done something wrong, or we take them to supervision
where they are treated as ‘enactments’ on the part of the
therapist, which  when understood, sheds light on the patient’s
psychological processes.

The focus of the workshop will not be so much on the
transgressions as ‘errors to be corrected’ (which might well be
the case), but as opportunities for inquiring into and questioning
the taken for granted premises of the theories and ways of
thinking that the therapist subscribes to.
Membership will be limited to no more than six participants.
Group discussion will be the primary mode of engagement
and learning.
Participants will be required to prepare for the workshop by
a) doing some prescribed reading, and b) by bringing some
case material for discussion, material pertinent to the
questions and themes of the workshop.
Participants are invited from all kinds of contexts
(institutional, private practice, etc.), whatever their primary
modality (individual, group, family, etc.), and whatever their
primary theoretical allegiance (cognitive, psychoanalytic,
humanistic, etc.). The hope is that the range of
perspectives will usefully bring different kinds of challenge
to the table.
Next Event: TBA
9.30am to 5.30 pm
Totnes, Devon.
Please apply for a place on the workshop by email or the form
Please let us know a little about yourself, your work/supervisory experiences, and
why you are interested in taking part in this workshop.
For more information on the thinking behind this workshop, click here